Welcome! As one of my students once said, this website is about the “glory of English”. You can find links to recent blog posts below, or use the tabs above to explore my resources for teaching and studying English Literature and Language at Key Stages 3, 4, and 5. I also use this blog to record my musings on Teaching & Learning.

My new pocket-sized revision guide to Othello is available to order from the Quotation Bank website. If you are a teacher, make sure you check out the school orders section of the website.

The book provides students with close analysis of 25 key quotations, and an explanation of 10 critical quotations of the play.

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After completing a PhD in English Literature at Durham University, I became a secondary English teacher. I am passionate about teaching English Language and Literature at all levels, and particularly at Key Stage 5. I’m involved in lots of projects around English teaching, and Teaching & Learning, so check out @FSDConferences and @TMEngIcons on twitter.

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