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Visualising our Year 11 Journey

As Head of Year 11, last week I created a roadmap for our students to help them visualise their journey to the end of the academic year. This journey involves high expectations and challenge, underpinned by continued support for wellbeing, mental health, careers education, and revision – and the roadmap demonstrates how staff are goingContinue reading “Visualising our Year 11 Journey”


Planning a Conference 3: Nuts and Bolts

Underpinning a great event is well-considered planning, and this short blogpost will introduce some of the tools I am using to ensure that the conference is successful. One of the most effective tools I use is a work breakdown structure, which looks something like this: Of course, it’s great when everything goes to plan –Continue reading “Planning a Conference 3: Nuts and Bolts”

Planning a Conference 2: Crafting the Programme

The success of a conference mainly depends on the quality of the speakers. Whilst some long-established conferences have the credibility and publicity to attract a wide range of excellent presenters, starting a conference from scratch can mean a certain level of anxiety over whether it will be possible to garner enough interest from those willingContinue reading “Planning a Conference 2: Crafting the Programme”

Planning a Conference 1: Defining Your Vision

In this series of blogposts, I will be reflecting on how I (and others) are organising a Teaching and Learning conference at Framwellgate School Durham. For context, the topic of the conference is the teaching of reading at secondary level, and rather than being focussed on English, it is an inter-disciplinary event. If you wantContinue reading “Planning a Conference 1: Defining Your Vision”