Wider Reading on Othello

Whether you are teaching Othello, or studying it at A Level, it is important to explore a range of critical opinions on the text. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Editions of the play

  1. The Oxford School Shakespeare edition is useful for A Level students.
  2. The Arden edition has an excellent introduction by Ayanna Thompson, and very useful explanatory notes and appendices.
  3. Various online version of the play are available. I tend to use the MIT version. It’s amazing how using Ctrl+F can help you to quickly find quotations, or identify motifs.
  4. A modern audio version of the play is available on BBC Sounds.
  5. Some students might use the No Fear Shakespeare parallel “translation” during their initial reading of the play.

Free Online Resources

  1. The British Library articles on Othello are a brilliant, free resource which explore the key themes in the play from the perspective of literary critics and actors.
  2. A lecture by Emma Smith is available here.
  3. A podcast by Ayanna Thompson is available here.
  4. A short podcast entitled “What is means to be a Moor” on BBC Sounds provides useful contextual information.
  5. Juliam Girdham’s blog provides suggestions, resources, and ideas about Othello.
  6. My YouTube channel provides scene by scene analysis of the play.


I generally buy my books second hand – the ABE Books website is a great place to look before you look for a new copy.

  1. Emma Smith’s book This is Shakespeare contains expert analysis of a range of the bard’s plays.
  2. Fintan O’Toole’s Shakespeare is Hard, But So is Life is another text which provides excellent analysis of various plays in an accessible and lively style.
  3. If you want to explore a range of critical approaches to Othello, then Andrew Hadfield’s Routledge Study Guide is an excellent place to start. Hadfield provides a guided tour of the most significant critical opinions on the play, up to the early 2000s.

Revision and Study Resources for A Level Students

  1. If your school has a MASSOLIT subscription, make sure you make use of it. There are several excellent courses on Othello on this website.
  2. The York Notes (A Level version) on Othello can be a useful revision resource.
  3. My Quotation Bank guide on Othello will be available from September 2022. Deals are available for schools who wish to purchase in bulk.
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