Visualising our Year 11 Journey

As Head of Year 11, last week I created a roadmap for our students to help them visualise their journey to the end of the academic year. This journey involves high expectations and challenge, underpinned by continued support for wellbeing, mental health, careers education, and revision – and the roadmap demonstrates how staff are going above and beyond as we work together to help our students.

Once created, I shared this roadmap with students in an assembly, reminding them of my three key objectives for this year:

  • To secure your pathway at the end of Year 11.
  • To prepare for success in your GCSE exams.
  • To celebrate this success.

I reminded our students that whilst this is will be a challenging year, we are part of a community and that the staff team is here to help them achieve their goals.

Staff will (very soon!) have a physical and digital copy of the roadmap to use in lessons, and I have layered on subject-specific information to use when teaching my Year 11 class (see below). A copy will be given to parents in an information evening next week so that everyone involved in this journey will know our shared goals and strategies.

The opportunities for celebration provided by Christmas and the Prom are really important for this particular year group, who have missed so many opportunities for community celebration due to the timings of the Covid lockdowns. Because of this, we are going all out in December and again in July to make sure our students are able to celebrate in style. Of course, we want to keep the cost of Prom as low as possible so that our students don’t feel priced out of the event.

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